Meat Industry Whitepaper

About our Cloud BI Whitepaper

We have created a Cloud BI Whitepaper that gives you insight into not only how powerful Cloud BI can be in the meat industry but to show you what to expect from a BI provider. This will highlight how BI can positively impact your Agribusiness by linking the industry trends to the key aspects of Cloud BI.

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Whitepaper Request Form
Please fill in the request form below to receive your free copy of Toustone’s Whitepaper!

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What our clients say about us

The decision to go with Toustone was easy. We liked the idea of dashboard reporting, the simplicity of use and the fact that everything was integrated, giving us exactly what we were after. The Toustone team was super helpful and switched on, which helped us identify clear winner.

Samantha Fredericks

CEO, On The Line

Kirinari was struggling with adjusting to the NDIS, where the requirements for evidence and real time data is essential, where we need to know how much we are spending at any given point in time and that’s got to be entirely based on an individuals NDIS plan. Toustone coming along was just incredibly fortunate timing for us, it was like a marriage made in heaven. They have exactly what we are looking for and were able to work with us and figure this out.

Diane Lynch

CEO, Kirinari

“For us, it’s not about reporting – plenty of solutions offer reporting. What we needed was solid analysis and a tool that gave our sales and marketing people absolute ownership and accountability. It’s about growth, forecasting and performance against budget. The analysis capability in the Yellowfin product lets us get in and find out the ‘why’, then we can work out the ‘what’s next’.”

Mark McKenzie

General Manager Sales & Marketing, Rivalea

“We are a ‘data rich’ plant. We have many systems capturing data which can be overwhelming and hard to manage but since working with Toustone they have positively influenced our labour costs and productivity. During this process, Toustone have been great to work with and are always readily available. We look forward to working more with them to bring even more value to the business.”

Will Barton

CEO, Gundagai Meat Processors