Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Reduce the data silos forming across your train operations.

Cloud hosting centralises all your data sources into one secure location for more accessible reports. This improves your data integrity by enhancing report accuracy and reliability.
For more information on a scalable cloud environment, visit our Cloud Hosting page.

Operation Overview

Transport Operation

Immediately have an in-depth understanding of your entire operations in one visual dashboard.

Monitor your current performance with the ability to drill from a high-level metric to an individual train journey. Remove the manual process of pulling together a service delivery report and have it automated in front of you, enabling you to correct the speed bumps before they have any financial or safety impacts.


Data driven

Connect and automate your manual reporting for efficient insights.

Having a highly manual and labour intense reporting process creates silos across your organisation. Data silos are a massive inhibitor to effective decision-making. They slow down the process of drawing an insight – “Where is that report? Wait, which report is the right version? Did I send the right one”. And once the insight is found it is outdated or lost all credibility.



See better results with data backing every decision.

Embed a data-driven culture into your organisation and start to rep the rewards of working off accurate up-to-date reports. Being data-driven has several advantages from saving time to creating consistency across your entire organisation. The key benefit is an overall boost in your businesses performance from a streamlined reporting process that has all your data points automated into one location for effective insight.

Predictive Capabilities

Data driven

Take your insight to the next level with intelligent technology.

Once you have a solid data foundation that gives you up-to-date insight of your daily operations, you can look to advance further with intelligent technology. Here you are looking forward to improve and adapt to future outcomes before they happen. Intelligent models such as machine learning, statistical data, and predictive capabilities anticipate business behaviours, enabling your team to better prepare or correct an error before it has a financial impact.