Absentee Reporting in the Meat Processing Industry

A case study on a major issue in the Meat Processing industry


Meat processing is a $21 billion industry in Australia, employing over 32,000 people. It is a labour intensive industry relying on consistent staffing to maintain production levels. Losing a staff member for even one day directly affects output, leading to challenges in keeping up with demand. Paying the absent staff member while also paying replacement staff (or overtime for other staff) incur additional costs. Labour costs make up a significant portion of the cost of meat and consumers will not tolerate price increases, so it is crucial to manage absenteeism.

The Challenge

Absenteeism is one of the highest costs in the meat processing industry. Many organizations don’t have the ability to access reports that get to the root of the problem.


The Solution

Toustone’s reporting solution makes it easy for you to manage absenteeism. Dashboard reports profile the conditions that lead to absenteeism so measures can be put in place to minimize occurrence. An up-to-date overview of trends can identify whether the problem is associated with employee demographics, pay scale, or a specific area of the business so corrective action can be taken to prevent future absenteeism.

Our reporting solution gives a visual representation of the true costs of absenteeism and the reason behind the costs, such as lost productivity or overtime pay, giving a precise understanding of the impacts. Forecasting reports allow for prediction of future absenteeism so action can be taken to minimize the effects.

The ability to forecast future absenteeism and know exactly how production and costs are affected means you can accurately predict output levels and plan better.

Avoiding absenteeism before it occurs will reduce costs, increase production and maintain customer satisfaction. Let us set up your reporting so you can access insights to drive action to prevent absenteeism.

Key outcomes for the business

  •  Understand the true costs of absenteeism with visual automated reports
  •  Identify conditions that lead to absenteeism
  •  Predict and prevent future absenteeism
  •  Save labour costs and maximize production with lower rates of absenteeism

Better Data. Better Decisions. Better Business.

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